[Samba] Re: Re: Samba 3.0rc4 + SrvTools = unusual behavior

Ed emorris25 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 02:50:01 GMT 2003

"John H Terpstra"  wrote
> Ed, can you provide me with more information on how precisely I can
> reproduce your problem. I'd like to help out.

Thanks so much, John.

To reproduce my problem, simply run User Manager for Domains (from SrvTools)
on a W2K (SP4) Server and attempt to administer users on a Samba 3.0rc4 PDC.
I'm not sure if it matters whether or not the W2K Server is a member of the
Samba PDC's domain.

Further details, updated with my observations made after my initial post.

Setup: Samba 3.0rc4 as PDC (RH7.3 hardware) for the NTDOM domain with a
"fairly generic" smb.conf, passdb.tdb, and groups (I can provide if desired,
but most came from my reading of the 3.0 html docs).

Problem:  From my W2K Server SP4 (part of NTDOM), as root, when I run the
User Manager for Domains, I cannot bring up the properties of an individual
user ("The following error occurred while accessing the properties of the
user <blah> \n The specified procedure could not be found").  Yet I can
successfully manage the groups from User Manager and the Server Manager
works fine.  I tried setting the debug logging to 10, but no errors reported
in messages, nmbd, or smbd.

Further Testing:  As a test, I created (using an old hard drive) a fresh W2K
_Pro_ SP4 install, joined to NTDOM, and ran User Manager as root.
Everything worked fine and I could tinker with the user's properties, which
led me to rule out network problems.  Thus, either the W2K Server has been
through one too many emergency repair sessions or the fact that it's a
Server (and not Pro.) might be affecting things (attempts to use the W2K
Server built-in Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in barfs,
complaining about attempts to administer a pre-2000 DC)

Next steps:  I've yet to reproduce the error myself, as I didn't have a
handy ghost image for a W2K Server (and couldn't suffer through the
install), but I may be able to try this with a perloined W2K Server SP4
laptop from work.

Thanks again

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