[Samba] XP and reconnecting network drives

maconiglio at comcast.net maconiglio at comcast.net
Wed Sep 24 00:51:32 GMT 2003

I'm running an older verison of Samba 2.0.10, and have been running okay for a 
bit w/ encrypted passwords = no option in smb.conf file.

IHAU that can connect directly into his home dir under XP manually. But when he 
selects the 'Reconnect at logon' option so that the home dir will automatically 
map the next time he logs in, it does not work. When he reboots in XP, the home 
dir share shows up as not being connected. If he clicks on the share, it will 
eventually connect in after it asks him for his password. Is there something 
that needs to be tweaked under XP in order for this to work?

Using Win2K, remapping the network drive does what I expect it to do, ask for a 
user password after I login under W2K. Under XP, the system won't even ask for 
a password, it just shows up as not being mapped under My Computer. Does this 
have something to do with the NTLM stuff? Please respond to me directly as I am 
not on this alias.


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