[Samba] XP Pro connecting to PDC

Gordon Biner Gordon.Biner at westfraser.com
Mon Sep 22 20:30:53 GMT 2003

I have followed the FAQs and HOW-TOs, including the Sign and Seal registry patch, but I am unable to make this work.

RedHat 9.0
Samba 3.0.0rc4
XP Pro SP1

When I setup the PC and join the domain, it gives me the 'Welcome to the Domain' message, but I really don't think that this has worked because of errors in the log file,  (yes I can provide, and yes I am using the smb user root).
Then when I reboot and attempt to login with a domain user, I get refused with the 'Windows cannot connect to the domain,.....' error.  In the log file for the machine_name, the last error is
'Can't become connected user'.  Higher up (when logging verbosity is cranked up) in the log file, it 'appears' that the computer is attempting to connect to the domain, but it somehow ends up using the 'Guest' account?!  I don't know if this is normal.

Anyways, sharing appears to be working, because if I log into a local machine account, I cat 'NET USE' a share fine.

Anyways, any help or gentle 'nudges' in the correct direction would be appreciated.  I can provide smb.conf and log files to whomever wishes them.


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