[Samba] Samba authentication via pam

Mike Klein mikeklein at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 23 20:12:47 GMT 2003

I don't think unencrypted passwords=no will be a problem for me as I am
running on my own private LAN.

I don't expose smb traffic over the internet, and when I need samba remotely
I do it via vpn/pptp.

In my test last night I forgot to set unencryptedpasswords=no...thanks for
the reminder.


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Mike Klein írta:

>My pam file for samba has pam_nologin for auth.
>I would like to remove as many password files as possible for services on
>linux box and have them go thru pam and etc/shadow.
>Is it possible for samba to auth thru pam? and then I can eliminate
>smbpasswd file?
Yes it is possible, but everyone recomend against it, because it
requires you to specify encrypt password = no in your smb.conf and
various registry patches on your clients. The worst thing would be, that
in that case every password would be sent in cear text over the wire.

Best Regards!

Geza Gemes

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