[Samba] IP address restrictions and multiple interfaces

kurt weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Tue Sep 23 15:31:21 GMT 2003

Joseph Belesi schrieb:

> Using Samba (2nd edition) discusses using the "interfaces" network 
> configuration option, along with "hosts allow", "hosts deny", etc, to 
> provide support of multiple interfaces.  The examples cited only discuss 
> the scenario in which the interfaces are on different subnets.

interfaces belongs to the interfaces on your server. (similar meaning of 
"ip address of the network card")
hosts allow and hosts deny belongs to the client interfaces...
also look at "bind interfaces only".

> What about the case in which the interfaces of a multi-homed systems are 
> on the same subnet?  Can Samba work in this configuration?  The book 
> Understanding CIFS by Chris Hertel talks about NetBIOS name conflicts in 
> this scenario (same name mapping to multiple IP addresses).

we're working on a network with more than one ip address in the same 
segment, additionally our machines (even the clients) have more than one 
ip address in different segments. (this is nessecary because of costumer 

server has X.X.10.1 (eth0) X.X.10.254 (eth0:1) and X.X.30.1 (eth0:2)
the notebook has X.X.10.198(lan) X.X.30.198(wireless)

the configuration in this case means (the whole ..10 and ..30 has access)

interfaces = X.X.10.1 X.X.30.1
hosts allow = X.X.10 X.X.30
bind interfaces only = yes ##attention - no answer on localhost...

we're using only a nameserver. the nameserver has configured forward and 
reverse lookup zones.
we have no problems with samba 2.2.8a

i'm doing hard to understand your question exact, so i hope i'd gave u 
the right answer.


> Thanks.
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