[Samba] Multiple NICs

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Tue Sep 23 11:12:56 GMT 2003

Hi , you bind to both nics

interfaces                = lo, eth0, eth1

this will work
dont forget to modify
things like
 hostsallow                = 127., 10.10.10.
(if nothing is configured i think
bind to all interfaces is default=
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Subject: [Samba] Multiple NICs

> Hi, samba-users,
> I want to make use of 2 NICs in one Samba-server.
> Can anyone point me to some documentation?
> I want to increase availability and speed, but donŽt yet understand
> how to set it up right.
> What about the 2 IP-adresses?
> Will they both be accessed via the \\SERVER\-name?
> Is there any magic load-balancing?
> Do I have to bond the NICs?
> Does that work with standard switch?
> Thank you for your replies ...
> Stefan G. Weichinger
> mailto:monitor at oops.co.at
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