[Samba] Re-installing Suse and Samba

kurt weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Mon Sep 22 15:56:18 GMT 2003

emma emma schrieb:
> Thanks for responding.
> CUPS was previously installed, and tested fine. But
> later had errors. Then I deinstalled Cups and
> installed lprng but wont work.

seems something happened to it?
did u reconfigure samba 4 lprng after changing to it?
which errormsg. did u recieve in cups? runs lprng well?

> My Printer status have remained Processing ......
> (accepting jobs) but produces no output.

are they running to /dev/null or remain in job list?
where the temporary files lay (are they already in lprng or still in 
samba temp folder?

> ill appreciate further help since this has draged
> almost 2weeks now.

what i ment is:
please tell us, which entries in smb.conf u use a.s.o. - means i cannot 
help, when essential infos are missing.

something else:
if u answer, lease do not remove original text - i will be unable to 
follow the thread...


> Pls HELP
> Emma
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