[Samba] Re: Why can't I see this share machine in Network Neighborhood - RESOLVED

Bob Hartung rwhart at netexpress.net
Sun Sep 21 15:14:14 GMT 2003

Resolved but for a crazy reason:
   The problem is fixed.  The reason:  My wife who never 
touches "my" main w2k machine decided that with all the fuss 
over worms that she would install McAfee Firewall while I 
was out of town and she needed to do some color printing [on 
set up to comm with my pc] and thus there was a firewall 
running that I was not aware of!  I never shut the pc off so 
did not see the start up activity and it is set to 
automatically log in so she could restart without any problem.

   Another lesson learned.



John Nichel wrote:
> Bob Hartung wrote:
> <snip>
>>   WHY can't I see the share in network neighborhood?????
> </snip>
> Just for the sake of asking, is the Win2k machine in the RWHHOME1 
> workgroup?

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