[Samba] Can't use Win BUILTIN\Administrators as owner copy from NT to Linux

Bertil Starck best08 at handelsbanken.se
Sun Sep 21 13:48:49 GMT 2003

Hi, we're trying to use Robocopy to copy data from a NT share to a Linux 
We use the option "O" (Ownership) and get's "access denied" when the 
Ownership is "Administrators" in the source directory we're trying to 
copy. If we omit the option "O" and just use the options "/copy:datsu" the 
Robocopy will work. But, the Ownership for the destination directory will 
be the same as the id mapping the Linux share, and if the group "Backup 
Operators" is in the permissionlist for the source directory it will be 
dropped in the Linux share. I believe that the "Administrators" and the 
"Backup Operators" are dropped because they belong to the "BUILTIN" group 
in NT and Samba is not able to "see" them. Try the "wbinfo -u" to have a 
check. As Samba can't see the BUILTIN group then, tell me if I'm wrong 
here, Linux is not able to set the "SETFACL"-command against the 
destination file/directory.

Now to my question, is it possible to let Samba or Winbind to see the 
BUILTIN groups member or can I create a "BUILTIN\Administrators" id in 
Linux to do a bypass? Maybe there's another way to do a work around, 
please let me know. 

Best Regards Bertil Starck

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