[Samba] User lists in Samba 2.2.8a & W2k & W98

Kevin Laudadio jlaudadio at cfl.rr.com
Sun Sep 21 12:15:17 GMT 2003

I using Samba as a primary PDC with great success but when I create a share
on a W2k machine and attempt to apply permissions I must add each user
individually. The list from the Samba server shows two groups Domain Admins
and Domain Users. When you select the Domain Admins group it looks like it
gives that group permissions but trying to gain access as a member of that
group does not work. An individual does gain access. Since I am in a test
mode right now adding each user is no problem but in the future it could be
very time consuming. 

The problem is somewhat different on a W98 box; it says something like 'You
are cannot see the list of users now. Try again later.' This means you
cannot apply permissions from the server to a directory on W98. I have added
users to the Domain Admins group in Linux and I have domain admin group =
@"Domain Admins"


Any ideas?



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