[Samba] Policy Editor and Groups?

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Sun Sep 21 03:04:54 GMT 2003

Hi Sambatistas,
ive got the problem too....i had to configure a censored internet gateway
for kids and adults as group.
i studied around with squid wwwoffle and squidguard webwasher.
after 2 day of testing my resolution was a squid on the gateway with
squidguard to filter content....and give it to webwasher
i tested if squid can resolove the win user acount  group but it failed yet
( but should work in the future, perhaps it was my fault )
so i am going to my long way to the policies....studie how to of samba
downloaded poledit and several adm files.
finaly i found what i want and the nt group kids ( created with usermgr) got
the right proxy entries, which "kids" cannot change
so i resume policies work with samba 3 rc4...as pdc ,it is more stuing
microsoft stuff than a problem of samba
the file must called NTConfig.POL ( for nt sys ) and here you can create
group depending features with poledit ( for ie and office you have to
download other packs too )
i was astounding ....fraggeling for long time with windows how good this
work and what is possible with policies
after all i hate it cause it was so complicated *rofl, but works...i tested
this with client win2k german version + German umlauts working based on suse
packs download from their ftp up to version 8.2 which a homebuild kernel acl
include....and all newnat  (masq for netmeeting )superfreeswan ( nat
traverse )patches.
finally i did work with pptp server with encryption for 128 and a smb patch
, so smbpasswd it now the auth file for my ras users.
bla bla wonderfull work samba developers many thanks .......!
so this server will be http , ftp , pptp, dhcp, dns , wins, proxy , firewall
,antivirus, content filter, mailserver, spam filter
wow ,i love it and all on 300 euro box
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> As far as the policy editor goes, isn't that just a file you stick in
NetLogon, I odn't think that has anything to do with samba. Secondly, as far
as I know samba 2.2.x is limited in its capacity to store groups. Although
no one has given me a straight answer from what I've been reading, samba 3.0
seems to fully support NT4 domain structures now, including groups. So if
this were true then yes you should be able to do it. The one thing that
might catch you tho, is weather you can poledit on something other than an
NT server, for the domain.
> Steve
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> Hey,
> Quick question. We run Samba 2.2.8, is there a version of Samba
(2.2.x/3.x) that allows me to do the following :
> Go into Poledit, add a group that corresponds to a UNIX group (e.g. Staff)
and set policies on it, having those policies apply to ANYONE in UNIX group
'staff' ?
> The samba server we have is the only PDC and have several NT4 servers as
members only.
> Any thoughts?
> I apologise if this has been asked before or if there's an obvious answer,
if you can point me just to somewhere I can get my answer, I'll happily do
the leg-work myself. But so far I haven't found my answer by looking on the
> Thanking you in advance,
> Mr. K. Hawkes
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