[Samba] Domain Users - samba 2.2.8a

Axel Machens machens at nibis.ni.schule.de
Sat Sep 20 09:25:04 GMT 2003


thats my third question :).
I run a samba 2.2.8a on SuSE 8.2 Box. I create a domain with ldap backend.
On my W2K machines I need for programs in the domain rights for my user to
access some software - like the internet conction button from microsoft on
desktop. I locked in lokal on my W2K boxes and put the "Domain Users" Group
my "Special Users group" In german: "Hauptbenutzer" from my samba domain.
But the problem is, on one machine it works - the user locked in the domain
have the rights to click on the internet connction button, or start some
apps and
on other machines dose not work. the same user locked in on a other machine,
the rights dose not work, but there is the Domain Users group too.
Yesterday I delete one of this machines from domain and create it new on
After this, I can put the Domain Users in the group "Hauptbenutzer" and all
What is the problem ????? Is there a other way for my problem ????

Is it right, that all in Unix group "users" are mapped in samba "Domain
Users" group????

Thanks a lot


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