[Samba] Transparent WINS hostname resolution?

andrej misovic ado at nirvanaclub.sk
Sat Sep 20 08:35:46 GMT 2003

I'm running 2.2.8 version,
but I should try this too,

ken at flyingtoasters.net wrote:
> Hi, all.  I've always assumed that there's a way to do transparent
> WINS-based hostname resolution, but I'm durned if I can figure out how. 
> In other words, I imagine that you could just add another entry to
> /etc/resolv.conf (eg., "hosts:   files dns wins") that would allow me to
> ping foo
> and have it attempt to resolve through each in turn.  Does this exist, and
> I've just been missing it?  Sure, I can do "nmblookup foo", but that's a
> bit more awkward...  [Hmmm.  Just did some Googling, and, indeed, found a
> sample resolv.conf with a wins entry -- but when I tried it, from a
> machine that does nmblookup with no problems, it failed.  I dunno...]
> Thanks,
> Ken D'Ambrosio
> Sr. SysAdmin,
> Xanoptix, Inc.


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