[Samba] Setting Password Expiration

Doug MacFarlane madmac at orbent.com
Fri Sep 19 13:55:53 GMT 2003


I've got a Debian Sarge system running Samba 3.0 Beta 2 as a PDC using
tdbsam for user account information.  All users have corresponding Unix

I assume the proper way to change the password expireation would be to
use pdbedit.

pdbedit -r -u username -P "Password Must Change" -C ????

my question is what value to put in the -C field if I want passwords to
expire at the end of this year?  All I can find is that it's a LONG
value, but any attempt to put any type of integer value in there fails.

Also, I've set the Account Flags to UX where X is passwords never
expire, but the user still gets password expiration in x days messages.



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