[Samba] Re: More than one logon script, can I have?

mamue at lb-bbs1.emd.ni.schule.de mamue at lb-bbs1.emd.ni.schule.de
Fri Sep 19 09:14:25 GMT 2003

> Hi !
> On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 12:11:10PM +0200, mamue at lb-bbs1.emd.ni.schule.de
> wrote:
>> I create all logon script on the fly from ldap. I created a little
>> schema
>> with a script attribute and there I put all DOS-batch commands. At logon
>> time (preexec in [netlogon]) for every user all script-parts for the
>> groups the user belongs to, the room-script (rooms associate to IPs) for
>> the printer connection and at last the script from the user-entry if
>> there
>> is any script attribute are taken from ldap. It doesn't take much CPU
>> power and works since half a year without any faults.
>> I anything does not work ("Can't print!") I can still examine the
>> batch-file.
> But which logon-parameters could be used at the logon.
> Do I get the full dn ?
No. I use the %u, %I, %m
%u is equal to uid, I map %I manually to the room. With the uid I get all
groups the user belongs to and, if you wish, the branch, he is in.
I tried perl for creating, but I switched very soon to C. Otherwise every
logon would start the perl interpreter. My binary from C-source is just
12488 bytes. The source is a ugly mess, since I am a java programmer...
but anyway, it works and I don't touch the source as long I can avoid it.
Again: I got my private OID from IANA and invented my own schema. These
objectClasses are added to every entry concerned (all posixGroup e.g.)

Malte Müller

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