[Samba] Logon Scripts

Max Harvey IT at smc.ac.nz
Thu Sep 18 21:06:23 GMT 2003

> To: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: [Samba] Logon Scripts
> Hi All,
> I have a samba pdc that uses login scripts to apply several 
> registry changes. I tried the config.pol and ntconfig.pol and 
> didn't ever seem to find that they were reliably applied.
> Here is my question. I am able to apply serveral changes for 
> discarded. Is there a different way to apply these? If I run 
> the script from the dos prompt after being logged in, the 
> changes are accepted so it appears the script is not the problem.

>From my very limited experience, people please correct me for both our
sakes if I am off mark... 

It sounds like a permissions problem... 

Make sure when you logon to check your script works, you do so with a
normal user account, rather than with one of your administration
accounts. Normal users normally have some reg. entries they are not
allowed to change, this the use of the .pol files, which windows trusts
if they are in the NetLogon directory.

Apart form that, can't offer much else advise.


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