[Samba] Control M (^M)

ken at flyingtoasters.net ken at flyingtoasters.net
Thu Sep 18 13:12:09 GMT 2003

> All,
> When the files are transfered from Windows to Unix files are transfered
> as binary and Control-M (^M) character append to the unix ascii files.
> Is there a way to deal this in Samba?

I think you misunderstand the paradigm of Samba: Samba -- akin to most any
other networking system -- is merely a way to access files over a network.
 Unlike, say, FTP, it isn't meant to "transfer" them -- merely a means to
access them.  While you certainly can transfer from (say) Windows to a
*nix system, that's "merely" a side effect, and one that Samba -- which
never touches the files themselves (as opposed to the files' metadata) --
doesn't "care" about.  I suggest if you're attempting to use it to
transfer files from Windows to *nix (or vice-versa), you write a
Perl/sed/awk/whatever script to strip/append your ^M's.



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