[Samba] Samba 3 as PDC with LDAP as passwd backend

gary ng garyng2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 06:42:05 GMT 2003


I am trying to setup a Samba3 server as PDC with
OpenLDAP as the backend. To enable a smaba based SSO,
I also install winbind. However, I saw this error
message in winbind log :

[2003/09/18 14:08:00, 1]
  Could not fetch sid for our domain EXAMPLE

My guess is there must be some initial record(objects)
installed in the LDAP server database but it seems
that this is not mentioned in the Howto's.

So what should I add the the LDAP server to make a
proper PDC ?

thanks in advance.


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