[Samba] Odd large group behavior in winbind

jeremy at courter.org jeremy at courter.org
Wed Sep 17 17:16:17 GMT 2003

  Looks like I was looking in the wrong place on this one - I checked the 
group and it does have fewer than 32k users.  I changed the timeout value on 
line 1289 of libsmb/cliconnect.c (the version that is in RC4) to 20 seconds 
(instead of 10) and the group is accessible now.  Would it be possible to move 
this setting to smb.conf rather than hard-coding it?

  I'm still looking for information regarding why ls -l is so slow when 
encountering a file owned by a large group.


Quoting Jeremy Courter <jeremy at courter.org>:

> 	The first problem I'm having is that groups appear to be
> effectively limited to 32k members (browsing the code revealed the use
> of some signed integers for loop counters when reading in member
> lists).  This is a problem for us because the Domain Users group
> (which is larger than that in a couple of cases) is the default group
> for all of our users, which causes winbind to spit out some nifty
> looking errors and causes ls -l to show unresolved GIDs instead of
> group names.  Is there any plan to change this limitation?

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