[Samba] Question about new Samba 3 rc4 and BDC

Gabriel Matthews gabriel at cinergycom.com
Wed Sep 17 19:37:34 GMT 2003

I have looked a bit through some of the archives for this list, and I have
caught different ideas on this matter.. I've also read through the
HOWTOs on how to do this stuff, but I haven't received the same results
that I was expecting, so I need someone to help me out a bit, give me a
definite YES or NO and if YES, how?

I have the latest release candidate of samba 3 installed on redhat-9.  I
want to make it a BDC with my existing NT 4 domain in a remote office on
its own subnet.  I also want to use Winbind to help keep from having to
have local accounts on the machines, so anybody can do what they want to
on any server.  I have no LDAP server to play with either,

So, the question is:  Can Samba 3 function as a BDC in an NT4 domain, with
an NT4 server as PDC?  If it is possible, what are the tricks to getting
the samba server to join the domain as a BDC and communicate properly with
the PDC?   If it is NOT possible, does it then become necessary to make
the PDC of the domain a samba machine, and have all the NT machines
function as BDCs?

I appreciate any help that you can give me with this.. I know there has to
be tons of people asking this same question over and over again, but again
I do appreciate any help.. Thanks!

Gabriel Matthews
Network Support
Cinergy Communications

"No.  I am your father."
  -Darth Vader, leader, devoted parent,
     and friend to all.

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