[Samba] Question about DOS 8.3 mangling files name

Liz Muth lizm at atlantekinc.com
Wed Sep 17 15:53:15 GMT 2003

 >> Are there any patch from Samba Server to solve this incompatibility?
 > No, the hash we use is better than the Windows one (less collisions).

 > Jeremy.

I recently switched to using Samba as our PDC and for our file sharing 
where I work.  This includes a share which we moved from a Windows 
server for an ERP system that does not handle long file names, and has 
the names written into data fields the way Windows hashes them.  I 
realize the advantages to the way Samba does the hash, but I was 
wondering what it would take to make this fully compatible.  For 
instance, can you point me in the correct direction to modify the Samba 
2.2 code so it mangles names the same way as Windows would?  We are 
also pursuing the makers of the software to see if they can leap into 
this century and support long file names.


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