[Samba] XP Local Group add prblem - Object Picker Incomplete

Ron Liu rliu at email.sjsu.edu
Wed Sep 17 15:32:43 GMT 2003

Hi, Scott
I have similar problem. I am runing RH 9.0 and smbd 2.2.7a
[root at Bobolink samba]# smbd -V
Version 2.2.7a
[root at Bobolink samba]# uname -a
Linux Bobolink 2.4.20-8 #1 Thu Mar 13 17:54:28 EST 2003 i686 i686 i386

It is a samba PDC, It have been working great. I had no problem to login
from both windows XP prof and widnows 2000 prof, and no problem login to the
linux box using putty with my account ("rontest"). However started from
yesterday afternoon, I noticed that I can only login to the linux box with
root, when every I tried to login as "rontest", as soon as I type in the
password for "rontest", the putty windows closed right away, and the
/var/log/messages say " authentication OK". I totally clueless.

Now, after I reboot my winXP machine, I login to "rontest" of "mydomain",
all my profile are lost and "rontest" is not in the administrator group
anymore. I login to the XP machine with another domain admin account. and
Try to add "rontest" to the local administrator group, I got the exact same
message you were getting!!

One more note:
I can ssh to the linux PDC box as root without problem, but when I do "su -
rontest" I got this:

[root at Bobolink samba]# su - rontest
-bash: /etc/profile: Permission denied

Please let me kwnow if you have any clue

Thank you very much

Ron Liu
Information Technology Consultant
Biology Department
San Jose State University
rliu at email.sjsu.edu

Hey troops!

Well, it seems that I'm the one that needs some helps this time.

Here's the situation.

I've got a suXP Pro box with SP1 on it that whenever I try to add any
'domain_user' to any 'local_group' it gives me the following error

"Information returned from the object picker for object "<username>" was
incomplete.  The object will not be processed."

A couple notes:
1. This is not a problem on Windoze 2K or NT

2. I have fixed the three relevant Registry keys:
quiresignorseal = 0)
quirestrongkey = 0)

3. I changed the following Group policy to 'enabled':
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles\Do
not check for user ownership of Roaming Profile Folders

4. The XP box is a domain member with a machine$ account.  It has Domain
Admins in the Local Admins Group, as well as Domain Users in the Local
Users Group.  If I add the user to the 'domain admin group' on Samba she
does inherit Local Admin rights.  So every thing is working fine
**except** the ability to add a user specifically from the Domain to the
Local Group!

4. I have Googled for days, and nobody has come up with an answer in
previous postings.
FYI: An example search....


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