RES: [Samba] Is Samba ready for it?

Fernando Ribeiro fernando at
Wed Sep 17 14:48:31 GMT 2003

Thank you all, for the advices and answers.
They are being very useful.
And I may not know a lot of things about Samba but I sure know why samba
was written for (cheers John!) :-)
BTW I am reading the Samba-HOWTO-Collection, thanks again.
I considered changing to LDAP but time was a problem (as usual), now I
will reconsider the LDAP idea.
I will use the Samba 3 new release as soon as possible, that's because I
have already started the migration process.
I am going slowly, and solving some problems that come up.



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> Hi,
> I am migrating from WinNT 4 to Samba 3 beta3 in a production 
> environment. It would be nice to have some advice, because I don't 
> know if Samba is ready for assuming this ;-)

First piece of advice: don't use Samba 3 betas, *especially* when
candidates are available.

Second piece of advice: at this point in time don't use Samba 3 for 
production unless you *need* functionality that's not in Samba 2.2.x. 
Since you're looking at making Samba a PDC with BDCs, I would go with
3 RC3 or RC4.

> I never heard about any one that had something like this. This is kind

> of a big network so it will be 1 PDC (Samba) , 4 BDC's
> (Samba) and 2 File Servers (w2k). I will have a minimum of 800 
> machines and 2000 users logging on to Samba. There are more users 
> because of Internet Authentication. I have Samba 3 beta3 working with 
> NIS and rsync synchronization of smbpasswd, no db backend. Is this a 
> problem? And I can't find a solution for using account policy to block

> the user account after bad logins, pdbedit doesn't seem to work.

You should consider using LDAP as a password backend.


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