WG: [Samba] smbadduser problem

Brian Reichholf brian.reichholf at login.co.at
Wed Sep 17 10:01:36 GMT 2003

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Gesendet: 17 September 2003 11:08
An: Brian Reichholf
Betreff: Re: [Samba] smbadduser problem

>>I know that 2.2.0 is a bit old, but I cannot afford to upgrade it yet, as
>>is an important server (and as it's SuSE I'd probably need to upgrade
>>10 packages, and then notice that glibc, and gcc needs upgrading too and
>>just land in rpm dependency hell)

>you're not the only one... :)

hehe, I'm glad to hear that, that's for sure ;)

>ooops... i read to fast, sorry...
>i never used the smbadduser command.
>the script smbadduser in my system (i have debian) just add a line in the
>usermap file so you cap 'map' a unixid (local user) as a ntid (an alias or
>mapped user) checking if exist a user in the localmachine matching the
>unixid or if there is already a user mapped in smbpasswd with it.

>I can suggest to find the usermap file and check if it is included in the
>smb.config file, then try to do the smbadduser job manually adding a line
>the usermap file and add the unix user in the smbpasswd with the command
>smbpasswd -a unixid.

Right, I've got the users.map file, but what line would I use in the
smb.conf to include the users.map?
Would just a `unixid:ntid' be fine?

>Sorry for the wrong answer.. hope this help.

No problem at all, thanks for your help so far :)


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