WG: [Samba] smbadduser problem

Brian Reichholf brian.reichholf at login.co.at
Wed Sep 17 09:06:45 GMT 2003

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Subject: [Samba] smbadduser problem

>> Using samba 2.2.0 I'm trying to add a user to samba using `smbadduser'
>> samba is being a pain in the back side and not making life easy for me.

> please note that the last production samba is 2.2.8a + some fixes :)

I know that 2.2.0 is a bit old, but I cannot afford to upgrade it yet, as it
is an important server (and as it's SuSE I'd probably need to upgrade like..
10 packages, and then notice that glibc, and gcc needs upgrading too and I'd
just land in rpm dependency hell)

>> milhouse:/etc # smbadduser mr:test

> smbadduser -a mrtest....

> mrtest must be a user on the system...

milhouse:/etc # smbadduser -a mr:test
ERROR: Must use unixid:ntid like -> zak:zakharoffm
No such map passwd.byname. Reason: Request arguments bad
ERROR: mr Not in passwd database SKIPPING...

I do assume that you meant smbadduser -a unixid:ntid
And also: the user `mr' in this case is a user on the system (I can log in
as this user without a problem)

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