[Samba] smbadduser problem

Brian Reichholf brian.reichholf at login.co.at
Wed Sep 17 07:42:13 GMT 2003

Using samba 2.2.0 I'm trying to add a user to samba using `smbadduser' yet
samba is being a pain in the back side and not making life easy for me.

milhouse:/etc # smbadduser mr:test
No such map passwd.byname. Reason: Request arguments bad
ERROR: mr Not in passwd database SKIPPING...
milhouse:/etc # grep mr passwd
mr:x:1016:666:User representing the MR - Project:/home/mr:/bin/bash
milhouse:/etc #

copying the entry from mr in /etc/passwd to /etc/smbpasswd did not really
help (of course I restarted the server after editing smbpasswd)

help would greatly be appreciated.


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