[Samba] Samba3, LDAP and FreeBSD 4.8 : need for NSS ?

Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Tue Sep 16 20:35:44 GMT 2003

Hi all,
another French guy learning, don't bash me too hard... ;-)
In fact, I'm in need of a confirmation : I'm on the way to create a Samba3+LDAP
(new schemas) PDC server (no migration from NT4 nor 2K, only from an old Samba 2.0
with security=user using /etc/passwd, ie. no encrypt password).
This Samba3 should be hosted on a FreeBSD 4.8 (ie. pam_ldap can work, I tested it
today, but no NSS available).
I've read many docs, including the HEAD Samba HOWTO collection, HOWTO from Ignacio
Coupeau (worth a read), old one from IdealX (which disapeared last week, I still 
have a hardcopy), and many others.
The OpenLDAP 2.1 is up, with a few accounts populated (with both sambaSamAccount &
posixAccount objectclasses). PAM_LDAP auth works.
Then comes the integration with Samba. I have not yet began the work of 
integrating Samba to LDAP (I'm learning LDAP).
Here's my question : does Samba3 need a Unix account (in /etc/passwd) in addition
to the one in the LDAP directory ?
I believe the answer is yes (since FreeBSD 4.8 doesn't have NSS, and PAM is only
for authentication), but may someone confirm because I lose the few
last hair I have ;-? Or, before the server is migrated to FreeBSD 5.1 (-CURRENT),
which should undoubtely lessen the need for a firm answer.
Best regards, and thanks for the job for so many years (I live happily with Samba
since 1996, in production since 1998).

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