[Samba] Redhat as Samba Client

Russell Anam anam at siriusbroadband.com
Tue Sep 16 16:50:47 GMT 2003


We have a Redhat 7.2 running as a Samba PDC for a long 
time without any problem. All the client are Windows 2000 
and WindowsXP. But now we have introduced Linux as 
workstations and I want to use the same setting for 
authenticating the Linux users (basically both systems 
will use the same settign and the same Samba server). We 
are using Redhat 9 as the workstations. There is a tab for 
authentication in the control center and I chose SMB and 
provided the domain and server name. But it does not work. 
The Linux systems are not authenticating from the Samba 

So how can I set up Redhat 9 to use the Samba server as 
the authentication server. (We also have a NIS 
implementation but I am reluctant to use it).

One thing I came to notice after fiddling with the system 
is that if a user has a local account that username is 
authenticated from the Samba server and the login works 
(both using the local account password and the samba 
server password for that username).

Thanks in advance.


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