[Samba] Samba + LDAP + multiple Domains

Markus Schabel markus.schabel at tgm.ac.at
Tue Sep 16 13:48:30 GMT 2003


Running the new Samba 3.0 with all users in an LDAP directory with the
new objectClass sambaSamAccount there seems to be a problem with
multiple domains.

I have some users that are in more than one domain. Previously this was
no problem, because all domains had access to the same LDAP user account
and allowed users are controlled with specific filters.

Now the sambaSID contains the domainSID which is different for each
domain, so that it is not possible to use the same account for more than
one domain.

How do you solve this? Are trust relationships that mature that they can
solve this?

thanks Markus

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