[Samba] W2k server pdc and mounts

Christoffer Dahl Petersen cdp at trynix.dk
Tue Sep 16 07:29:52 GMT 2003


I have set up my Linux clients to authorise against a win2k pdc, I'm
using Winbindd to the job. I have edited /etc/nsswitch.conf and
/etc/pam.d/system-auth and added/modified the parameters as described

It works perfect, my clients can log in, and if their home directories
dosen't exists   pam_mkhomedir.so create it.

My problem is that the users home directories is on the win2k, and I
would like to mount them on the Linux clients, but if I add a entry to
/etc/fstab root gets to own it all, and the users can
create/delete/modify anything in their home directories.
What I want is a solution like the one a get with NIS and NFS, that the
owner, group and rights are mounted "together" with the share.
Is that possible?


Christoffer Dahl

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