[Samba] Re: problem connecting to Samba server from windows XP

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at hni.upb.de
Tue Sep 16 06:41:45 GMT 2003

Hi Mark,

> I run Samba 2.2.8 on my Red Hat 9.
> Both smbd and nmbd are running OK.  ps -aux | grep mbd
> shows the 2 processes, plus, smbclient works fine,
> thanks to Christopher.
> The Samba server resides on a host with IP
>  I got this from the smbclient run below:
> [root at RedHat samba]# smbclient //REDHAT/test -U jack
> added interface ip= bcast=
> nmask=
> Password:

So you tested it with user jack, not tom.

> And the IP of the WinXP system is and the
> Subnet mask for both my WinXP and Red Hat is
> On the Samba server, I've done smbpasswd and added
> user tom with password abc123.
> Meanwhile, I also added tom with the same password to
> my XP system.  My XP is added to the workgroup is
> METRAN, which is also set in smb.conf as
> workgroup = METRAN
> But after I log into my XP with user tom, I cannot see
> anything in my Network Places.  Please note that
> METRAN is not a valid workgroup in the LAN of my
> company.

Dou you have a WINS server configured on your XP box?

Try this on your XP box:

nbtstat -a redhat

If the name does not resolve to an ip (nbtstat -c will show it then), 
you have a name resolving problem. Try to enter the netbios name and ip 
of your samba server in 'c:/winnt/system32/drivers/etc/lmhosts' (or 
whereever it may be found on XP).


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