[Samba] Thanks Tom Dickson.... and the others

Daniel A: Betancourt Reboso dabet at infosol.gtm.sld.cu
Mon Sep 15 08:47:47 GMT 2003

I´m sorry I didn´t answer before, but I just couldn´t, I was too busy at my

  Tom, I did as you suggest me but it was a surprise, I don´t have acccess
to that web site!! I was not prompted for a password or any thing alike but
it was prohibited from my server. Nevertheless my workstation could do it.
I  know you might be wondering: how come, but it´s simple. I have a RedHat
server destinated to my studies but it is not connected to Internet,
although it has a limited access to certain web sites (plenty of them). My
institution doesn´t have a complete access to Internet, yet. So the server
of my workstations is the same for my RedHat server, despite it have a
real  IP number it is much more limited and controled by the upper server
than my workstations are at the lab. That´s why my server couldn´t connect
to hostopia.

  After I install Samba 2.2.8a-2  does it have a GUI?. Will it start running
just like that?. What´s gonna happen?. How can I make Apache, Samba and w2k
workstations to understand each other and work together?.

  As a matter of fact, I don´t have any experiences in installing and
running a Linux server. I need to learn how to inicialize  and configure the
services in that server (Apache, FTP, e-mail and others). I have a PC with
256 RAM and 40Gb ROOM, and I maded it a server by installing Linux RedHat
7.2 (Enigma). Could you please give a hand on this?. If you think I might
 migrate to other RedHat releases in order to make it easier, just tell me
how and I will.

  Thanks a lot again to all of you, and please forgive my English grammar, I
speak Spanish, but I´m doing my best.


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  Subject: Re: [Samba] How to install Samba in RedHat 7.2?

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  > You don't want 2.0.4b, it is very old.
  > Type; as root:
  > wget

  > Note that that should be one command: wget http:///.....rpm
  > You now should have an RPM in your local directory.
  > Type:
  > rpm -Uvh samba-2.2.8a_rh73.i386.rpm
  > That should install samba.
  > If you really want 2.0.4b, you'll have to download from source and
  > Try http://hostopia.samba.org/samba/ftp/old-versions/
  > But you really want 2.2.8a.
  > ~From there, read the documentation at http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/
  > Hope this helps!
  > - -Tom

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