[Samba] problems setting a samba-server as a PDC(with win2k clients)

Sandro Lex sandro at wnb.com.br
Mon Sep 15 17:15:34 GMT 2003

Hello experts,

I wanted to have my samba server working as a the PDC, so I followed all
the steps from the 'using samba' documentation. 
My problem is when I try to configure the Win2000 client to log in to
the DOMAIN, i have an error.
it says 'unknon user, or incorrect password'
At least I know it found the DOMAIN because it prompted for a
user/password. And if I browse the 'network neighborhood', using the
WORKGROUP insted of a DOMAIN config I can see the Samba-Server, and the
shares, including the user (homes). 
the Win2000 client machine has this name: PDV
and I have the following entry in /etc/passswd :
pdv$:x:1205:100:maq pdv:/dev/null:/bin/false

I added this trust account with smbpasswd, added a normal user to
/etc/passwd, with smbpasswd, and im using the same user in the Win2000
client, all with the same password.

I tried changing lots of parameter but was nothing has changed. I
getting out of ideas. Do someone have any sugestion, ideas ???

my smb.conf file:

        workgroup = SAMBA
        netbios aliases = sigma
        encrypt passwords = yes
        domain master = Yes
        local master = yes
        preferred master = Yes
        os level = 65
        domain logons = Yes
        security = user
        log level = 2

        comment = "Diretorio Home de : %u "
        writeable = yes
        create mask = 0644
        browseable = No

        path = /tmp
        writeable = yes
        guest ok = yes

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