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> Hello,
> I'm lloking for a way to convert my company's existing samba2.2 ldap
> backed service to samba 3.0. What's particulary making me curious is the
> sambaSID. As I've read it is the unique identifier of a PDC in the
> windows world. So, how does samba3 generate this? Is it supposed to be
> changed by the admin or is it determined by samba on the first startup?
> Any pointer to a doc describing this in more depth would be apreciated.

If you are running a recent samba-2.2.x, you can get the domain sid as

# smbpasswd -X <domain name>

Then, you will want to dump your LDAP db to LDIF (and probably set your
LDAP server to read only for the moment):

# slapcat -l ldap-samba2.ldif

Then, you can either convert the LDIF file to a new LDIF with the new
schema, or you can generate an LDIF file suitable for use with
ldapmodify, using the convertSambaAccount script in examples/LDAP. I
would suggest using the ldapmodify option (works better if you have ldap

# ./convertSambaAccount --input ldap-samba2.ldif --output
ldap-samba2-to-samba3.ldif --changetype modify --sid <DOMAIN SID>

Then, ensure your ldap server is in read-write, and use something like:

# ldapmodify -f ldap-samba2-to-samba3.ldif -x -D "<rootdn>" -W

Note, for samba3 it seems more important that all the groups your users
are members of are in LDAP, and mapped as samba groups.


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