[Samba] Multiple ldap backend on the same PDC - samba 3 rc3 ?

jean-marc pouchoulon jean-marc.pouchoulon at ac-montpellier.fr
Mon Sep 15 13:09:48 GMT 2003


> passdb backend= ldapsam:ldap://ip-one/, ldapsam:ldap://ip-two/, guest

> Will give you two backends.

	I 'm sorry but no, I've go "can't contact ldapserver" on my logs
if I stop the ldap server with ip-one address.

If I use two lines
	passdb backend= ldapsam:ldap://ip-one/,guest
      passdb backend= ldapsam:ldap://ip-two/,guest

	testparm don't say nothing and in my own opinion only the second
line is parse.

> With the cache mechanism on xp client , I am not able to see if it 
> works et whitch ldap server answer.

>You cab specify the backend if you use the 'pdbedit' tool.

>eg: pdbedit -Lv -b ldapsam:ldap://ip-two/ will use the second backend.

	Ok thanks

	Jean-marc Pouchoulon


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