[Samba] Multiple PDCs, Single Domain

Matt Schillinger mschilli at vss.fsi.com
Fri Sep 12 20:50:13 GMT 2003


I have a rather experimental question to ask.

I know that under standard circumstances, that you cannot have multiple
PDC for a single domain, as they will conflict with each other.

I am dealing with a case of a school district, where there are multiple
buildings.There are T-1s that tie together each of the buildings, then a
bonded T-1 grants access to the internet through the main admin
building. They would like to have a single domain, but would like to
keep T-1 traffic to a minimum. They also want to continue with service
when T-1 outages occur.

What I was wondering is, if this could be made possible..

a PDC at each building, that ties into a slave LDAP server.

At the Administration Building, There is a master LDAP Server.

Optimally, if the Administration building could have a single BDC
(Obviously, BDC functionality would only be available when T-1
connectivity is functioning), that would be great.

I am wondering if this could somehow be accomplished with intelligent
usage of nmbd services keeping PDC selection problems out of the way..
Optimally, having a method of a full mapping of all hosts via nmbd would
be the best scenario, proxying to a central wins server. I fear that may
result in PDC in-fighting..

Thanks to any clever, savvy person who can help,

Matt Schillinger
mschilli at vss.fsi.com

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