[Samba] Seeking advice: ADS domain, Samba3 server locally and via WAN

Alexander List alexlist at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Fri Sep 12 12:25:22 GMT 2003


from the Samba3 docs I learnt that Samba currently cannot function as an
ADS "secondary" domain controller.

Imagine the following setup:

At location A of a company, I have a W2K ADS domain controller and a
Samba3 machine as an ADS member server. Connectivity is via 2Mbit to the

At location B, which is located in another country and connected to the
Internet with a DSL line (1MBit down, 256kBit uplink) (of course
everything done via VPN), I'd like to setup another Samba3 server as a
domain member. No W2K server over there.

The users of the W2K clients at location B should use login scripts and
shares only from their local Samba server.

* is this feasible and does it make sense?
* how much traffic do I have to expect from the ADS member server at site
  B to the domain controller at site A?
* how much traffic, if at all, do I have to expect from the W2K clients at
  site B to the ADS domain controller at site A?

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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