[Samba] A PDC migration postmortem (and SIDs Novell-style)

Dan Gapinski dangapinski at qsi-r2.com
Thu Sep 11 19:07:50 GMT 2003


I just migrated a Samba PDC from one computer to another without too much
complaining from Samba itself, but had to rejoin my computers (fortunately
this is a small office) to the domain thereafter, which caused a litttle
problem in getting the profiles back to where they were supposed to be.
(Windows, not seeing the proper domain, cannot copy the profile in the
profile manager, listing the old domain profiles as "Account Deleted").

My question is:
1) Aside from having the forethought to offload the previous profiles to a
temp area, was there any way I could have recreated the client account
database to rejoin automatically? Ans is the SID tied directly to the PDC's
2) Is there any way to have Samba ignore the workstation SID as Novell does,
which could be a help in this case as well as when an admin might wish to
clone a whole batch of PC's?

Thanks a lot for your input,

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