[Samba] OT: Win2k ts - cannot start microsft outlook

kurt weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Thu Sep 11 07:49:32 GMT 2003

Andre de Koning schrieb:

> This is off-topic so please let me know if it is inappropriate.  I thought
> i'd post here as a lot of people on the list seem to be using samba with ms
> terminal server.
> I have profile problem ito roaming profiles from my samba dc not loading
> when you log onto w2k terminal server.
> I reloaded one of the servers, installed sp4 and installed ms office 2000
> using the termsrvr.mst file.
> When a normal user now logs in it says : Cannot start microsoft outlook.
> If I add that user to the administrators group it works fine.
> It looks like it's trying to create registry entries in the global registry
> in stead of that specific user's registry file that is saved in his profile.

if it's in the global section or else, - maybe...
u can modify access rights to the registry with regedt32.
giv the office keys free for all users, so u'll see if it's right...

> I had this on NT4 t/s but can't remember the solution and M$ is, as usual,
> not very helpfull.

maybe this will help:

how sensefull this security system is, u can think yourselve. ;-)

> Does anybody have the solution for this?
> André de Koning
> IT Manager
> Softline VIP Payroll
> Tel: +27 12 420 7000
> andre at vippayroll.co.za

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