[Samba] OT: Win2k ts - cannot start microsft outlook

Andre de Koning andre at vippayroll.co.za
Wed Sep 10 20:11:37 GMT 2003

This is off-topic so please let me know if it is inappropriate.  I thought
i'd post here as a lot of people on the list seem to be using samba with ms
terminal server.

I have profile problem ito roaming profiles from my samba dc not loading
when you log onto w2k terminal server.
I reloaded one of the servers, installed sp4 and installed ms office 2000
using the termsrvr.mst file.
When a normal user now logs in it says : Cannot start microsoft outlook.
If I add that user to the administrators group it works fine.

It looks like it's trying to create registry entries in the global registry
in stead of that specific user's registry file that is saved in his profile.

I had this on NT4 t/s but can't remember the solution and M$ is, as usual,
not very helpfull.

Does anybody have the solution for this?
André de Koning
IT Manager
Softline VIP Payroll
Tel: +27 12 420 7000
andre at vippayroll.co.za

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