[Samba] string to long for hosts allow in smb.conf

P. Bruggink p.bruggink at steelweld.com
Wed Sep 10 07:04:57 GMT 2003

We have found that a number of users (especially notebook user with
Win95) try to  change their IP-address to get more permissions when they
login to the network. Since we have a database with all of the systems
registered and we already automatically build our configuration files
when something changing in this database (MySql), we tried to block the
unregistered IP number by expanding the hosts allow option in the
smb.conf with all the IP number in the database.

Original Entry:

hosts allow = 195.193.119. localhost

changed to

include = /usr/local/samba/lib/include/hosts_allow119.smb

(all parts of the smb.conf file created by an update in the database
have an include line in the smb.conf file, therefor not the smb.conf is
updated but the include files are updated)

the include file for the hosts allow looks like:

hosts allow = \ \ \
. \

Using this generated an error indicating that the string was to long. We
have also tried to put de line hosts allow directly into the smb.conf,
but also this generated the same error. We are not using NIS and can not
use the netgroup option.
We also have tried to replace the C class part of the IP number with an
environment variable, but cannot find a variable with this value.

How can we overcome this string to long error?

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