[Samba] FreeBSD 5.1 i386 Samba Issues

Mick Walker mick at materialised.hopto.org
Tue Sep 9 20:01:24 GMT 2003

I have sucessfully installed samba 2.2.8a from the port collection, and
when using my windows machine I can browse shares I defines in my
smb.conf perfectly. 

However when I try to mount the windows share from freebsd I get the

mount_smbfs -I //mick at$ /mnt/2k 
mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Connection reset by

However the share is active because of the following 

smbclient -L 
can't determine netmask for 
added interface ip= bcast= nmask= 
session request to failed (Called name not present) 
session request to 198 failed (Called name not present) 
Domain=[MSHOME] OS=[Windows 5.0] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] 

        Sharename      Type      Comment 
        ---------      ----      ------- 
        IPC$           IPC       Remote IPC 
        D$             Disk      Default share 
        print$         Disk      Printer Drivers 
        ADMIN$         Disk      Remote Admin 
        C$             Disk      Default share 
        LexmarkZ       Printer   Lexmark Z11 Series ColorFine 

        Server               Comment 
        ---------            ------- 

        Workgroup            Master 
        ---------            ------- 
        MSHOME               MICKS2 

I used to mount this machine using samba no problem under Linux, but
under freeBSD 5.1 it is proving to be a problem. 

I also recently installed the latest service pack on the win2k box,
could this be a issue? i.e Change my 2k setting to use plain text

Thanks for any comments 

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