[Samba] print driver options different on samba

Jason Balicki kodak at frontierhomemortgage.com
Tue Sep 9 14:33:44 GMT 2003

>i have a toshiba FC22 printer/copier which is attached to a 
>fiery Z4 RIP
>   and i'm running into a driver option issue. the print driver is a
>slightly modified version of the adobe postscript driver 5.2, more
>trays, paper sizes, etc. when i setup this printer via either a local
>win2k TCP/IP printer or network printer on a win2k or nt4 server i get 
>all the paper sizes, trays, etc. yet when i set it up on the samba 
>server i'm only getting like 5 of the paper options, compared to 13 on 
>the win2k server.

>any thoughts as to why this is happening?

What subsystem and on what OS are you running Samba?  I'd bet that 
it's not an issue with Samba, per se, but an issue with the underlying
printing system.  If you're using CUPS, check to see if CUPS sees all
the options.

Also, if you are using CUPS, you can probably just use the PPD that's on the
Windows machines.

If you're not using CUPS, you should be using CUPS.  :)

One more if:  If you find that your underlying printing system (be it CUPS
or whatever) does not see all the options, you need to fix that first,
you can ask for more help here.  Contact your friendly neighborhood print
system mailing list.


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