[Samba] Samba3: group mapping with samba PDC, LDAP account flags

Gunther Schlegel schlegel at riege.de
Tue Sep 9 13:52:43 GMT 2003

Hello again,

this mainly affects documentation:

a) net groupmap is a fine thing. Though: is it optional or do I have to
map some groups for proper client operation ( W2k/XP pro) ? If so, which
Windows groups have to be mapped?

b) There are "Account flags" both visible in the LDAP directory as well
as in pdbedit's output. The examples always refer to UX, while smbpasswd
just sets the U-flag on my system. What are these falgs about. They are
mentioned once in the Howto Collection in chapter 7, but that does not
really explain the matter.

thanks for answers.

regards, Gunther

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