[Samba] Re: [SLE] Any way to do Linux User home directories via Samba

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>> Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 09:29:41 -0500
>> From: Jason Joines <joines at bus.okstate.edu>
>>Subject: [Samba] Re: [SLE] Any way to do Linux User home directories
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>> Sébastien Taylor wrote:
>>> The way we handle this at my office is by sharing over samba to the
>>> windows clients, and by nfs to the linux clients.  The nfs exports the
>>> same data as smb so it's identical, but nfs is better suited for unix.
>>> Jason Joines a écrit:
>>>>>   All of our user authentication is done via LDAP.  We have an all
>>>>> Linux backend and tons of windows desktops.  We've just started
>>>>> a few people to move to Linux on the desktop.  Is there any way that I
>>>>> can have their home directory automatically mounted via Samba when
>>>>> log in?

The problem isn't monting the home directories (this can be done easily
with pam_mount, assuming the LDAP password and samba password are in
sync). The problem is that you can't start KDE with smbfs/cifs-mounted
home directories, and although you can get GNOME working, gconf is
broken (which may also break font display). Other "less advanced"
desktops, such as WindowMaker, fluxbox etc do work ok though (even
mozilla runs fine).

Maybe someone else has got KDE/GNOME to work with smbfs/cifs-mounted homes?

>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Jason Joines
>>>>> Open Source = Open Mind
>>>>> ========================
>   I use NFS for my Linux desktop.  However, our users have root access
> to their desktops and I'm concerned about the security of the server in
> that situation.

Well, don't give them root access on their desktops. They should never
need it, and if they do need to run certain things as root, you should
setup sudo instead. There are way too many issues with users having
root, NFS is only one problem.

Store automount maps in your LDAP server, and NFS becomes trivial to use
(no client side configuration needed).


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