[Samba] samba3: need to wait 3 minutes before login

Livius Penter v6lp1 at manos.dd.sn.schule.de
Tue Sep 9 07:54:38 GMT 2003


at our local computer pool in the school we've a samba3
server and about 40 winnt-4.0 workstations. the main
problem is, that the workstations have to wait for
about 3 minutes after they started, before a user can
login. in other words: the computer starts and if you
try to login then immediatly you'll get "domain manos
not available" or something like this. but if you wait
approximatly 3 minutes you are able to login successfully.

does anyone know about this problem and how we could solve
it ?

thank you,


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