[Samba]max file transfer limitation

Raj Saxena rajan at ipisland.com
Mon Sep 8 23:21:48 GMT 2003

Hey guys,
         I two servers a 2.25 pdc dell hardware and a 2.27 pdc dell
hardware, i rsync twice a day so incase the primary server dies i  have a
hot standby.

I am doing a linux backup off of the 2.27 backup server and then i copy
files over to a win2k box to dump on to a dvd-r for backups.

The problem that i am having from the samba server when i copy a 4gb file
over about 3/4 of it it says network name not found. I have tried this with
other large files the smallest being 3.8 gigs and it still loses its network
name. If i click on the mapped server from my win2k box it shows up.

If i ftp the files over i have no problems at all whether it be 3.8gigs or
11 gigs.

Any ideas ?



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