[Samba] NT domain user and local unix group

Simone srtsmn at inwind.it
Mon Sep 8 16:11:36 GMT 2003

i need to add NT domain user to a local unix user; the samba server 3.0 isn't 
a PDC or a BDC but only a domain machine member with on share directory. Now 
i use ACL on filesystem to setting permissions.
What i need is to setting this permissions based on local unix group and add 
NT domain members on this local group.
Winbind works fine, so I can see domain users and domain groups, even with 
wbinfo and getent commands (I setup the nsswitch.conf file).
I try to add a domain user to local unix group with gpasswd but winbind ignore 
it so i can't access to a directory with ACL for this local unix group.

Thanks in advance,


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