[Samba] Join DOM_A with user validation on DOM_B?

Kraa de Simon Simon.de.Kraa at services.fujitsu.com
Mon Sep 8 07:04:52 GMT 2003

Using version 2.2.8a.

I want my server to be a member of domain DOM_A while user validation is
done on domain DOM_B.

So for example user DOM_B\someuser can connect to MYSERVER that is a member
of DOM_A.

Something like:

smbpasswd -j DOM_B (or should it be smbpasswd -j DOM_A?)

	workgroup = DOM_A
	netbios name = MYSERVER
	security = DOMAIN
	password server = PDC_B, BDC_B

I cannot seem to get this working...

Is this possible?



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