[Samba] Dial-a-Prank

Phone Jokes dlgfraternity at FREESERVE.COM
Sun Sep 7 05:02:57 GMT 2003


How to use this service:
1. Choose a Prank from the list below (New Pranks).
2. Dial 09050 000 222.
3. Key in your victim`s telephone number.
4. Listen in as the computer dials out to your target!

The Pranks:

# "This mobile is reported stolen..."  *RECOMMENDED*
# STD Clinic has bad news...!
# A strange delivery is about to arrive.
# Pissed off caller.
# Your live on the radio!

+five others to choose from.

Calls to 09050 no`s cost one pound and fifty pence per minute and last a few  minutes. Service provider: C Fry:  0871 872 3731. To be excluded from future promotions please call 0871 520 0125. Data ticket 4326428. Message ID: ygxo.

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